WBCA Offensive Plays & Strategies by Women's Basketball Coaches Association

By Women's Basketball Coaches Association

utilize each ownership with WBCA Offensive performs & Strategies. within you’ll locate offensive units, performs, and techniques to check up opposed to any security, together with man-to-man, area, and the full-court press.

in simple terms WBCA Offensive performs & Strategies takes you contained in the minds and playbooks of the most effective coaches within the video game this present day. You’ll examine their secrets and techniques, suggestions, and insights on video game making plans, constructing offensive abilities, getting ready for in-game events, and breaking down the opponent’s safety and exploiting their weaknesses.

With 119 performs, together with publish, perimeter, situational, and quick-scoring performs, you will be convinced your avid gamers may be ready for regardless of the opponent throws their approach. WBCA Offensive performs & innovations provides the entire info you want to make the perfect name at any time when your workforce has the ball.

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Points of Emphasis If the defense is caught out of position in transitioning from their primary break defense into their half-court defense, a shot can be taken at any time during the secondary break. 40/400534/Tammy Page/R2-alw 43 Weak-Side Pass Doug Bruno Objective To create an open scoring opportunity when the defense is out of position. When to Use Any time the defense is lagging in their transition from fast-break defense to half-court defense. Key Personnel The play will work regardless of personnel on the floor, but all players must commit to sprinting down the court and taking care of the basketball.

1 pushes the ball on the dribble and passes it ahead to 2 only if 2 is set and ready to score (figure 1). 2. If neither 2 nor 5 is open, 1 reverses the ball to 4. 5 follows the ball, continuing to look for a post entry pass, and 2 moves in from dead corner to short corner (figure 2). 3. As the ball is reversed from 4 to 3, 5 continues to work for a pass. 2 sets a back screen for 4, who cuts off for a lob from 3. 1 moves to the free-throw line extended area (figure 3). 4. If 2’s defender helps on 4, 2 steps out for a three-point shot (figure 4).

3 pops out to the left wing as 1 continues driving to midway down the lane on the left side. 1 passes to 3 (figure 1). 3. 3 dribbles toward the top of the key and passes as soon as possible to 2 coming off 5’s screen. 1 and 5 pop out to their respective wings (figure 2). 4. 2 dribbles to the left. 3 v-cuts to get open for the pass on the high wing, which 1 vacated by sprinting to the elbow and cutting low (figure 3). 5. 3 dribbles toward the top of the key and then passes to 2, who uses another screen by 5 to get open on the wing as 1 pops to the left wing and 4 pops to the left block (figure 4).

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