Times, Persons, Places: Essays in Literature by A. L. Rowse (auth.)

By A. L. Rowse (auth.)

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Montrose because Buchan had a lifelong devotion to that gallant and romantic figure out of the John Buchan at Elsfield 47 Scottish past, and, more, because he had an inner sympathy with hirn and his point of view. It is true, and perhaps unavoidable, that he sees the history of that time with all its unhappy confusion and inextricable politics, through the eyes of Montrose. ties of the historical figures, whether his sympathies are with them or not. This hook must be regarded as his chief contribution to historical research, in the strict sense of the term; it is written wholly from original sources and he had various additions and corrections of his own to offer in writing it.

As the trade grew, more and more mass production led to artistic collapse, conventionalism in the product. I like provincial galleries and museums to have their own proper local inflection, as they so often have in France - at Arles, for example, or at Nantes. In this respect Nottingham pleases and engages me. Here are portraits of their local figures: a Hoppner of Kirke White, the pathetic young poet: attractively good-Iooking, with fashionably disarranged hair of the Regency and fine eyes. I do not suppose he was much of a poet; but Byron admired hirn and paid hirn a tribute when he died.

Those of Abel Collins, mercer, begun and finished in 1709, exist unchanged: a little red-bricked court with baroque-decorated entrance" in his life he was of an extensive charity to the poor of all societies. " On the south side there is a good sundial, "a little garden, and two pretty Queen Anne houses on either side of the gate. Next door stood the Baptist chapel in which William Carey preached his memorable missionary sermon on 30 May 1792. From that Carey went on to become the first Baptist missionary in India, to a lifetime of devoted labour, in the course of which, as a side-line, he made hirnself a remarkable Orientalist, pouring out grammars of numerous Indian languages and preparing one of all those derived from Sanskrit, in which he became a great scholar.

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