The laws of prosperity by Kenneth Copeland

By Kenneth Copeland

There are directions set forth within the observe of God to educate males how you can reside a filthy rich lifestyles. real prosperity is the power to use the facility of God to fulfill any want religious, psychological, and actual. during this ebook, Kenneth Copeland stocks the revelation of non secular legislation that govern prosperity. The legislation of Prosperity is written to educate you ways to use those legislation on your personal lifestyles that you can start to benefit from the nice, ample lifestyles that merely God supplies

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He is ready to move whenever a sinner makes Jesus the Lord of his life, but He will not manifest Himself in a person’s life until that person calls on Him. If God’s presence were enough, every human being on earth would get saved because we all are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. He was sent to earth on the day of Pentecost and is still here today. The manifestation of God is the important thing. When we operate in the Word of God, when we keep His Word, then Jesus will manifest Himself, or make Himself real, to us.

Most Christians have been “eating crackers and cheese” by not knowing their covenant with God, by not knowing what is already theirs through Jesus Christ. The Established Covenant Abraham…Moses…David…Solomon…why did God bless these men? Why have so few men found the blessings of God in finance? We need to renew our minds to God’s reason for financial blessings. In the book of Deuteronomy, we see the predominant rule to remember in living a prosperous life: “And thou say in thine heart, My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth.

Jesus taught that the sower sows the Word and Satan comes immediately to take out the Word which was sown (see Mark 4:1-20). Why? For three basic reasons: 1. The Word of God is the key to the laws of the Spirit. 2. The laws of the Spirit govern the laws of the natural. 3. Satan works in the natural world. When you take the power of these laws and function them by faith, Satan is finished! When you learn the rules of the game, he is through. He is a defeated foe! Let me mention that these laws of prosperity will work for anyone, regardless of their age!

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