The Graeco-Roman Context of Early Christ by Garrison Roman

By Garrison Roman

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Ignatius, Rom. 2. 51. Cf. Did. 3: 68nyei n ejiiOuuia rcpog if^v rcopveiav. 2. Aphrodite and 1 Corinthians 35 probability, suggestive of Paul's own attitude. This would in turn offer various insights into the background of some important features of 1 Corinthians where a reference to Aphrodite is to be expected. In the absence of explicit mention of the goddess it is important to consider the apostle's intentions. The so-called hymn to love in 1 Corinthians 1352 is seen to be a deliberate exaltation of ajanj] over epcoq.

L. ), Early Christian Literature and the Classical Intellectual Tradition (Paris: Editions Beauchesnes, 1979), pp. 189-205. 55. But it must be acknowledged that the letters of Paul themselves show 'only the slightest acquaintance with pagan Greek literature': Nock, St Paul p. 236. 57 This emphasis is to be found throughout the letters of Paul: For the lusts of the flesh (aap£ erciGDuei) are against the spirit. . Now the works of the flesh are obvious: immorality (nopveia). . I warn you,vas I warned you before, that those who commit such deeds will not inherit the kingdom of God (Gal.

44. Cf. Patricia Marquardt's observation that in Hesiod, Aphrodite 'even when she seems an obvious good' nevertheless retains 'a destructive potential': 'Hesiod's Ambiguous View of Women', Classical Philology 77 (1982) p. 283. Apparently as a response to the title of the previous article Eva Canterella comments, 'Hesiod's vision of women contains no ambiguity': Pandora's Daughters (Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1987), p. xix. Cf. also Stagg and Stagg, Woman in the World of Jesus, pp.

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