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4). 4. Reversing rotation with belts and pulleys. 54 AN INTRODUCTION TO AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING Notice that twisting the belt changes the direction of rotation. This technique is acceptable if the pulleys are some distance apart. If the two pulleys are close together. the belt will rub at the crossover pOint. The friction produced from rubbing will shorten the life of the belt. The addition of a third pulley also will reverse the direction of rotation. This requires a six-sided. or double-V. belt that is designed to engage the pulleys on both sides.

The best way to detennine the direction of rotation of shafts A and B is to use intuitive reasoning. We know from our discussion of gears that the direction of rotation changes with every pair of gears in the power train. Thus, shaft B is driven by one pair of gears, and has one direction of rotation change. Shaft B turns clockwise. Shaft A is powered by three pairs of gears, and has three direction of rotation changes. Shaft A turns clockwise also. 8 to check these answers. 9. Speed and torque.

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