Polyolefin Foams by N.J. Mills

By N.J. Mills

Polyolefin Foams are a comparatively contemporary improvement in comparison to the opposite different types of foam. issues lined during this assessment comprise: processing and the homes required for profitable foam creation, the molecular constructions priceless, the mechanical and thermal houses and the way those can be utilized to most sensible virtue, markets and functions. The assessment is followed by way of round four hundred abstracts from the Polymer Library database.

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Careful analysis of extended experimental results indicates that the final volume expansion ratio of the extruded PP foams blown with butane is governed by either loss of blowing agent or crystallisation of polymer matrix. A CCD camera is installed at the die exit to carefully monitor the shape of the extruded PP foam. The CCD images are analysed to illustrate both these mechanisms of gas loss and crystallisation during foaming © Copyright 2004 Rapra Technology Limited at various temperatures, and it is observed that the maximum expansion ratio is achieved when the governing mechanism is changed from one to the other.

The addition of wood fibre inhibited microcellular foaming. 20 refs. 1, Jan. 29-47 SIMPLE MODELLING OF THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES WITH PART WEIGHT REDUCTION FOR MICROCELLULAR FOAM PLASTIC Xu J; Kishbaugh L Trexel Inc. Replacement of solid polymers by microcellular polymers may lead to a 10 percent or higher reduction in material without significantly affecting the properties of the moulded part. A model that treats a microcellular foam part made by injection moulding as a sandwich structure in which a uniform low-density foamed core is encased by a skin frame is presented.

872078 Item 23 Advances in Materials and Processes in Rotomolding. Proceedings of a conference held Independence, Ohio, 9th-11th June 2002. 79-84, 27cm, 012 ROTATIONAL MOULDING V THE MECHANICS OF FOAMING Throne J Sherwood Technologies Inc. ; SPE,Cleveland Section) The motivation for foaming is weight reduction without loss in stiffness. In addition, PE does not seem to suffer the same dramatic decrease in impact as other plastics do when foamed. This is fortunate for rotational moulders, since it is the primary material of choice.

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