Life on a Cattle Farm (Life on a Farm) by Judy Wolfman

By Judy Wolfman

E-book through Wolfman, Judy

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But if a cow or calf does get pinkeye, we take it away from the rest of the herd and give it some medicine. The disease takes a few weeks to clear up. Until it does, the animal must stay by itself so that it won’t infect the other cows. 31 Dad and I have to keep an eye on the fence to make sure it’s always sturdy. If a cow escapes, it could get lost or wander to the road and get hit by a car. Besides taking care of the cattle, there are lots of other things to do on the farm. We have a fence around our 40 acres of pasture to keep the cows in.

33 Here I am stacking the baled hay. A bale of hay weighs between 30 and 40 pounds. It’s a good thing I have strong arms! The baler is great to watch. It gathers up the hay, packs it into a bale, ties it, then shoots it onto a wagon. When the 34 wagon is full, we take it to the barn and unload the bales. When I’m not working on the farm, I like to ride my dirt bike and hang out with my friends. Sometimes my friends come over to help us with the hay or other jobs. None of them live on a farm, so they think it’s cool to work on one.

My favorite cow is 002. ) She’s old and gentle. She likes to sniff me and nuzzle my hands. Her tongue is rough, almost like sandpaper, but it doesn’t hurt. I like being in the fields with our cows. Here I’m feeding my favorite cow, who eats right out of my hand. Living on a beef cattle farm is an excit­ ing and fun way to grow up. I don’t mind most of the hard work, like fixing fences and baling hay. Even cleaning out the smelly barn isn’t so bad. I like spend­ ing time with the animals and taking care of them.

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