Discovering the natural laws : the experimental basis of by Milton A. Rothman

By Milton A. Rothman

Obtainable, mind-stretching advent to theories, experiments underlying classical legislation of movement and gravitation, conservation of strength, electrodynamics, relativity, different very important ideas. additionally dialogue of antigravity, time shuttle, different technology fiction principles in gentle of legislation of physics. New epilogue.

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For, definition, the force of the electron. is we the rate of change of The experiments show that the recall that momentum momentum increases at a constant rate, indicating a constant force. the same time, if we even At the electron mass increases while the par- speeding up, the acceleration can decrease to zero even while the force remains constant. When we apply Newton's laws of motion to the force between two electrically charged objects, we must be extremely careful, for the force involved is an extremely complicated one.

16 Definitions, Experiments, we Yet, as and the Laws shall see, there are at least of Motion two common and im- portant terms (force and inertial reference frames) that are given varying definitions by the leading textbooks in use, giving a clue that the subject may not be as settled as you might think. A fundamental reason for these differences of opinion is the fact that the laws of motion are not absolute laws handed down by higher authority, but rather represent man's attempt mind a conceptual structure that enables him what goes on out in the world.

In Figure 2-9 we show two electrons moving in paths directed at right angles to each right angles to the other. (Notice that the velocities are shown relative to some outside observer. ) Let us assume that for the time being they moving with constant speed— thus each of them is producing both an electric and a magnetic field. (Actually there are 41 Discovering the Natural Laws Figure 2-9. Diagram illustrating the fact that the electromagnetic forces acting on two moving charged particles are neither equal in magnitude nor opposite in direction.

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