Digital Modeling of Material Appearance by Julie Dorsey

By Julie Dorsey

Content material:

, Page ix
1 - Introduction

, Pages 1-4
2 - Background

, Pages 5-26
3 - remark and classification

, Pages 27-46
4 - Mathematical terms

, Pages 47-60
5 - common fabric models

, Pages 61-121
6 - really expert fabric models

, Pages 123-159
7 - Measurement

, Pages 161-191
8 - getting older and weathering

, Pages 193-225
9 - Specifying and encoding visual appeal descriptions

, Pages 227-242
10 - Rendering appearance

, Pages 243-275

, Pages 277-302

, Pages 303-317

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11a. Looking straight at the ear in the right image, the ear appears to have a certain brightness, and a certain amount of light energy from it reaches our eye. Looking at the ear at a more glancing angle in the left image, the patch is just as bright, but overall less light from it reaches our eye, because the area the light is coming from is smaller from our new point of view. The quantity that affects our perception of brightness is the radiance. The radiance of the patch for a diffuse material is the same for all directions even though the energy per unit time depends on the orientation of the view relative to the surface.

The spectrum of light leaving the white sink is shown in the left diagram in the third row. An object that is white is reflecting light more or less evenly across the spectrum. On reflection from the faucet, the light in the shorter wavelengths is absorbed, as shown in the right diagram in the third row. This partial light absorption on reflection results in the sink color appearing to be yellow rather than white. Pure specular reflection occurs at smooth surfaces. For a surface to have a high percentage of incident light reflected, very little light enters the surface to be scattered or absorbed.

Front, as shown on the left, the surfaces look similar. When lit from the back, however, as shown on the right, the material in the letter A transmits the light so it appears brighter. Because the transmission is diffuse, however, it is not possible to see objects clearly through the letter A. 17 is due to light being scattered multiple times within a material. 18: (a) An object composed of a material that scatters light internally. The effect of subsurface scattering is often subtle (a) until dramatic illumination, such as the laser light (b), is used.

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