Die, Chameleon! (Battlestar Galactica, Book 12) by Glen A. Larson

By Glen A. Larson

A mutiny is raging on board the fleet send Eureka. a bunch of terrorists, motive on forsaking the Galactica caravan, have hijacked the ship—holding Apollo, Croft and Chameleon hostage.

And whereas Starbuck makes an attempt a most dangerous rescue venture, the villainous Crutch toys with Chameleon's life—and the devastating fact approximately Chameleon's earlier is printed!

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They’re legit. I mean Clay Imposs is—or maybe was—a real GCES security guard with a good record. He’s been with them for years. The tag and badge say they’re his. But the body isn’t. “You were right, it’s Nathan Alt. Gene scan matches exactly. ” She asked Hashi’s next question for him. “Right after that first kaze attacked Captain Vertigus, GCES Security started using retinal scans to confirm id. That should have stopped Alt cold. “The answer is, this is a new id tag. Made for the job. ” Hashi inquired.

I made my needs known explicitly to Deputy Chief Ing. I informed him that I desired him and his men to stand ready to carry out my requests and instructions. “He replied that he could not comply without consulting you. “I did not consider that adequate. ’ Those were my exact words. I told him plainly that I did not know what to expect, but that I wished to be prepared for whatever might transpire. “Still he hesitated. ’ Again those are my exact words. ” Obliquely Hashi observed that Koina was staring at him, her lips slightly parted in surprise.

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