Developments in Colorants for Plastics by I. Christensen

By I. Christensen

At a time whilst it truly is severe to many plastics processors so as to add worth to items, colorants are a vital a part of the ingredients repertoire. Plastics are frequently processed at very excessive temperatures and shear, and items are uncovered to warmth and light. Colorants needs to tolerate those stipulations to operate accurately. This assessment presents useful info for plastics processors with reference to colorant choice and the variety of goods and results to be had. The assessment is followed by means of round four hundred abstracts from the Rapra Polymer Library database, to facilitate extra interpreting in this topic.

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High Performance Pigments, Wiley-VCH, Germany, 2002. 2 R. Scherrer and R. , H. Zweifel, Hanser, Munich, 2001. 3 W. Herbst and K. Hunger, Industrial Organic Pigments, Wiley, 1997. 4 DIN 53235, Testing of pigments. Part 1 Standard depth of shade. Depth of shade standards. Part 2 Tests on specimens having standard depth of shade, adjustment of specimens to standard depth of shade, 1977 and 1974. 35 NEW ORANGE PIGMENTS SHRUG OFF THE WEATHER Two new orange pigments from Engelhard Corp. of the USA are the subject of this concise article.

The phthalocyanine (beta)-Cu complex (PB 15:3) is better dispersed than the alpha-form (PB 15:1). The pigment red PR 57:1 and PR 214 tend to form fewer particles but their average equivalent diameter is high. Titanium dioxide is well dispersed in one analysed monobatch (WI601PCO) but the other contains an amount of small aggregates not to be ignored. Carbon black is generally well dispersed. 6 refs. 122, 30 cm, 1/6/02. Rapra Review Report 146, Vol. 2, 2002. ) Rapra Review Report No. 146 Variations of in-mould decorating are reviewed, for the production of fully or partially decorated components straight from a variety of moulding processes.

1, 2002. ) Rapra Review Report No. 145 A review is presented of multi-material injection moulding processes. Coinjection, bi-injection, and interval injection moulding techniques are discussed, followed by sections on multi-shot moulding(B1) and overmoulding. The selection of materials is discussed, with reference to material bonding properties and general material properties. 387 refs. 5 PIGMENT CHOICE IS IMPORTANT FOR A LONG CABLE LIFE Polyone and Borealis are reported to have joined forces to study the interaction between unimodal and bimodal PE and coloured pigments in wire and cable jacketing applications.

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