Detective by Arthur Hailey

By Arthur Hailey

Serial killer Elroy "Animal" Doil is hours clear of the electrical chair. In his final hours of existence, he desires to make a confession--to Detective Malcolm Ainslie, the guy who placed him away. And up to he'd wish to, Ainslie cannot forget about the criminal's request. simply because even though Doil is responsible of a ugly double homicide, his confession may shut ten different unsolved slayings. What Ainslie learns, even though, will thrust him into an research that leads on to elite degrees of urban government--and a few of his depended on colleagues.

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The other of ficer's voice sharpened. "Listen! It's a mess up there. The driver's dead; so, we believe, are two people trapped in a car the tractor rolled onto. The tanker ruptured, and twenty thousand gallons of high-octane gas are DETECTIVE 45 pouring onto the highway. We're trying to clear traffic before some idiot lights a match.

And later, with the other, younger suspect, Kaprum whose eyes did bulge like a frog's, Ainslie realized the questioning was tougher: Okay, Kermit, for the past half hour I've listened to you answer all my questions and we both know that everything you've told me is total bullshit. Now let's pack it in and have some facts. You and your girlfriend Maggie hijacked that car, robbed that old man, then killed him. Now, I may as well tell you that Maggie Thorne has confessed. I have her written confession in which she says the whole idea was yours, and that you fired the shot that killed Mr.

In Miami, Florida, the pace of human mayhem seldom slackened. 4 Arthur Dailey Officially, a Homicide duty shift lasted ten hours, but was often longer because of continuing investigations. Malcolm Ainslie and Jorge Rodriguez, whose own duty shift had ended several hours ago, had continued working until moments earlier. Almost certainly the phone call was from his wife, Karen, Ainslie thought. Wondering when he was coming home, and eager to begin their long-planned vacation. Well, for once he'd be able to tell her he was on his way, the paperwork completed, loose ends tied, and the lights now green for Karen and Jason and himself to board tomorrow's early-bird Air Canada flight from Miami to Toronto.

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