Deathlands 34 Stoneface by James Axler

By James Axler

Researching the still-standing Mount Rushmore, Ryan Cawdor and his band of post-apocalypse warriors are compelled to breach its stronghold, the place they find a staggering cache of twentieth-century expertise.

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Deathlands 34 Stoneface

Gaining knowledge of the still-standing Mount Rushmore, Ryan Cawdor and his band of post-apocalypse warriors are compelled to breach its stronghold, the place they find a spectacular cache of twentieth-century know-how.

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It wasn't very wide and didn't appear to be very deep, but judging by its lack of odor, the water was fresh enough. Zadfrak leaned against the hood of the wag, not bothering to help pitch the tents or gather firewood. He accepted a sleeping bag from Jak without a word of thanks, as if it were his due. B. teach him a lesson. " Krysty and Jak prepared a meal, which was quickly consumed, and afterward they drank a pot of coffee sub. Doc made a face after his first mouthful, and began his usual refrain that a coffee substitute should taste something like the original, not like boiled chicken droppings.

We drew those monsters out. " Even as he spoke, the motorcycle toppled, throwing the rider to the road. The scream wings covered the bike and made darting passes at the rider, who tried to crawl toward the vegetation. , "Put us in neutral. B. engaged the gears and the wag slowly moved forward. Peering between the front seats, Ryan kept his eye on the rider, who was swatting and batting at the winged demons. He picked out more details as the wag picked up speed. The rider was a man, and his long, dark blond hair was tied at his nape.

The scar looked like the result of a painful process involving a red-hot needle. Though the man appeared to be in his early- to mid-thirties, he was thin to the point of emaciation. "Not carrying weapons," Jak said. "So? " "No. B. demanded. B. only smiled gently. He took his foot off the gas pedal and allowed the wag to slow to a crawl. Turning his head to look at Zadfrak, he said in a quiet voice, "The difference is that I know just about every settlement, outpost and ville in Deathlands. B. picked up the M-4000 from the passenger seat, swung it around and pressed the bore against Zadfrak's back.

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