Cross Country Coaching Manual (2007) (Coaching Education) by Edward Derse, Jacqueline Derse (Editors)

By Edward Derse, Jacqueline Derse (Editors)

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Partiendo del principio de que lo que no se entrena no se juega este libro presenta un entrenamiento específico para el puesto de portero. los angeles obra trata desde los aspectos psicológicos hasta las aptitudes, actitudes y gestos técnicos que se deben trabajar

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This is often the 3rd ebook within the sequence. It includes seventy five complicated point exercises that target pace and yardage, with particular exercises for freestyle, person medley, dash and distance swimming. those exercises are applicable for the self-coached swimmer and triathlete, in addition to for coaches trying to find work out content material for the athletes they educate.

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Trace a figure eight. The scull at my sides doesn’t work. Make sure that your elbows are not moving too much. Hold them firm and press outward and inward quickly with your hands. 2011 15:42 Uhr Seite 54 The 100 Best Swimming Drills 12 Fist Freestyle THE PURPOSE OF THIS DRILL • • • Learning to feel the water with the forearm Understanding the importance of a stable, high elbow Appreciating the role of the hand HOW TO DO THIS DRILL Step 1: Push off the wall preparing to do regular freestyle. Before the first stroke, form closed fists with each hand.

Entering the water with your fist will bring more air down into the water than your open hand. Perform the entry gently, and extend fully before you start the underwater arm stroke. Leave the bubbles behind as you change directions when your arm begins to press back on the water. My elbows keep moving. Try sticking your elbows out through the beginning and middle of the underwater arm stroke, as if trying to nudge someone. Hold them there while you move your hand past them. 2011 15:42 Uhr Seite 56 The 100 Best Swimming Drills RECOVERY DRILLS Although there are many effective styles of freestyle recovery, they all have common aspects of technique.

Inhale. Roll back down. Practice several times, maintaining the position of your extended position of your lower arm throughout your roll and inhale. Step 4: Now, try it while stroking. Again float on your side, breathing side high. Stroke through the water with your lower side arm, and recover over the water with your higher side arm. Once you have switched floating sides and switched arm positions, prepare to breathe on the next stroke. As your arms again begin to switch positions, hold your core firm, roll your face, shoulders and hips up in Figure 16a Weightless Arm unison towards the stroking arm.

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