Comprehensive Psychiatry Review by William Weiqi Wang

By William Weiqi Wang

The accreditation technique for psychiatry within the usa is taken into account the most tough between all scientific specialties. even though many board overview books in psychiatry exist, this can be the 1st fact-based source that may be used for either written and oral overview. Dr. William Weiqi Wang has built a concise, outline-oriented structure supplemented with case reviews to arrange citizens for the oral and written psychiatry forums. each one bankruptcy can stand on my own and is gifted in "bite-size" clusters to facilitate effortless absorption of the cloth. a bit on the finish of the e-book contains one hundred fifty board-review-style questions and solutions drawn from prior assessments. This ebook is a need for any pupil who plans to attain aggressively at the ABPN, PRITE, or even the USMLE for scientific scholars who are looking to pursue a occupation in psychiatry.

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Guilt (3–5 years); virtue – purpose ▷▷ Industry vs. inferiority (5–13 years); virtue – competence ▷▷ Identity vs. role confusion (13–20 years); virtue – fidelity ▷▷ Intimacy vs. isolation (20–40 years); virtue – love ▷▷ Generativity vs. stagnation (40–60 years); virtue – care ▷▷ Ego integrity vs. despair (60 years and older); virtue – wisdom Gender Identity ▶▶ Psychological and behavioral identity related to masculinity and femininity ▶▶ Starts to establish by 2–3 years of age ▶▶ Factors help shaping the gender identity ▷▷ Cues and experiences from people surrounding ▷▷ Physical characteristics ▷▷ Parental and cultural attitudes ▶▶ People usually develop a secure gender identification along with their biological sex; however, gender identity and sex are not always congruent to each other Chapter 4.

When ego faces stress, it may either regress or adjust its cognition and behavior to manage the stress. Defense mechanism: denial ▶▶ Refusal to accept the painful conflict by rejecting its existence Defense mechanism: devaluation ▶▶ Rejecting unacceptable stressor by attributing exceeding negative qualities to the environment or other people Defense mechanism: displacement ▶▶ Transferring feelings and emotions to another object, usually less threatening or more acceptable Defense mechanism: introjection ▶▶ An immature defense mechanism ▶▶ To internalize the qualities of an object, the subject replicates behaviors, attributes or other fragments of the external world ▶▶ According to Freud, the ego and the superego are constructed by introjecting external behavior into the personality ▶▶ Introjection of a feared object serves to avoid anxiety when the aggressive characteristics of the object are internalized, thus placing the aggression under one’s own control ▶▶ Identification is believed by some to be a presentation of introjection ▶▶ The most common defense mechanism in depression 39 40 Part I.

Intellectual Foundation of Psychiatry Int vs. Iso (20–40) 20 y 15 y Formal operational (11–beyond) Adolescence (12–18) 10 y 5y Identity vs. role confusion (13–20) Concrete operational (7–10) Latency (6–11) Industry vs. inferiority (5–13) Preoperational (2–7) Phallic (3–5) Ini vs. Gui (3–5) Sensorimotor (0–2) Birth Piaget Anal (1–3) A vs. 5–3) Oral (0–1) BT vs. 5) Freud Erikson Figure 4–1 Developmental stages from birth to early adulthood – a comparative chart of theories by Jean Piaget, Sigmund Freud, and Eric Erikson.

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