Ciba Foundation Symposium - General Aspects (Colloquia on

Chapter 1 Chairman's starting feedback (pages 1–3): R. E. Tunbridgeo
Chapter 2 The Definition and dimension of Senescence (pages 4–15): P. B. Medawar
Chapter three a few feedback at the Pathological foundation of getting old (pages 16–31): G. R. Cameron
Chapter four psychological elements of growing old (pages 32–57): Aubrey Lewis
Chapter five results of getting old on breathing functionality in guy (pages 58–68): D. V. Bates and R.V. Christie
Chapter 6 alterations with Age in Diffusion Coefficients of Solutes for Human Tissue Membranes (pages 69–79): J. E. Kirk and T. J. S. Laursenm
Chapter 7 The altering occurrence of definite Vascular Lesions of the outside with getting old (pages 80–87): W. B. Bean
Chapter eight getting old of Elastic Tissue and the Systemic results of Elastase (pages 88–108): Albert I. Lansing
Chapter nine Calcium Metabolism in previous Age as concerning ageing of the Skeleton (pages 109–125): O. J. Malm, R. Nicolaysemn and L. Skjelkvale
Chapter 10 17?Ketosteroid Excretion in growing old topics (pages 126–140): Betty L. Rubin, R. I. Dorfman and G. Pincus
Chapter eleven Tissue Transplantation concepts utilized to the matter of the growing old of the Organs of replica (pages 141–161): P.L. Krohn
Chapter 12 maintenance of Tissue in vitro for the learn of growing older (pages 162–172): A. S. Parkess
Chapter thirteen examine components in Gerontology nutrients which are Now overlooked (pages 173–185): C. M. McCay
Chapter 14 A delusion on getting old and the Bearing of nutrients Upon It (pages 186–193): R. A. McCance and E. M. Widdowson
Chapter 15 Too swift Maturation in little ones as a explanation for getting old (pages 194–208): H. M. Sinclair
Chapter sixteen mental points of getting older (pages 209–218): Sir Frederic Bartlett
Chapter 17 Adrenocortical Reactivity in elderly Schizophrenic sufferers (pages 219–247): H. Freeman, G. Pincus, F. Elmadjian and Louise P. Romanoff

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8 Table I1 THE COMMONER MORBID CONDITIONSPOUND AT AUTOPSYI N 544 FEMALES FROM S E V E N T Y Y E A R S ONWARDS. Percentages in total cases. Ape Groul~s 70-75 Cancer . Arteriosclerosis Pneumonia 39 ”/, . ___ Total rase3 in groups . 19 5 ___275 76-80 26 ”/, :3 I 9 153 Xl 4 5 18 % 41 15 __73 Xli 21 ”/, 47 12 43 I of decline and often of death of the subjects but that frequently enough an acute complication ~ Y : L Sthe immediate cause of death. But some of these figures are misleading, for all who have examined the organs of aged persons must have been struck G.

IIe provided “a rich and productive MENTALAsmcm OF AGEING 43 (Rorschach) record whose varied content suggests an individual with a multiplicity of interests. R e is aggressive with a strong drive for acliievement, a drive that is accompanied by good creative abilities . Emotionally he presents a picture of a basically introverted individual who in emotionally stimulating situations is capable of responding in a warm mature manner . he depends upon his own resources . . Though he may almost appear extraverted in his social contacts, (he) actually maintains these on a superficial level for the most part, with the exception of a few carefully selected warm associations”.

Aneurysm including sypliilis Total . _ 76-80 71-75 _ I- 60 22 9 16 10 27 24 8 8 5 22 10 11 9 117 72 53 -__ 81-85 86 _____ 1 7 4 6 3 1 _____ 21 4 G 0 3 1 14 From all such scrutinies-and I must emphasizc that both naked-eye and microscopic examinations have been employed in the vast majority of cases-I have reached the following conclusion. In every instance of ageing one or more welldefined chronic morbid condition can be found at work P A T H o L o G I C A L BASIS O F AGEING 23 in a number of organs.

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