Chestnut Ridge Acres by Carrie Bender

By Carrie Bender

Joe and Arie, a tender Amish couple, movement onto Chestnut Ridge Acres, a farm close to Summerville. Joe's more youthful sister Nancy and brother Steven come from Whispering Brook Farm to aid them in the course of their first summer season. the times and nights on Chestnut Ridge are jam-packed with motion, facing farm lifestyles and flora and fauna. this is often quantity three of the Whispering Brook sequence for a while nine and up .

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Joe and Arie were eagerly awaiting the spring, when they could move into their own home and use all the things they had carefully gathered.  She sure pitied them, with a job like that.  Arie's parents and most of Joe's family were going by van.  The two boys would ride along in that truck.  I won't get homesick, no matter what, she told herself firmly. " She thought, If I do get homesick, I'll make sure Joe won't find it out, nor anyone else.  "It'll be close enough, but I think we'll make it," he told them.

She gulped, stepped back, and covered her nose with her handkerchief. " And she was close to tears.  How could she ever live in that house?  But how could she ever forget such a sickening scene? " "Just right for a picnic," Joe said brightly, matching her mood.  The bright sunshine, falling leaves, and chattering squirrels lifted their spirits.  Behind the house were a rickety old barn and a dilapidated shed.  There was so much work to be done.  A tiny chipmunk with fat cheeks ran over a log and disappeared under it.

When he came in for supper, he was rather tired.  Then Arie would take the milk to the house while Joe finished feeding and bedding the animals with straw for the night.  The mice seemed to have free roaming, and though she admitted it to no one, Arie was awfully afraid of mice.  After dinner, he set the traps again before he left for the fields.  And the spiders—she had to wage a constant war on spiders, and she was afraid of spiders, too.  She was lonely, and by midafternoon it became acute.

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