Cheerleading technique, training, show by Miriam Lopez Hernandez de Alba

By Miriam Lopez Hernandez de Alba

This ebook provides the fundamentals of studying for capability cheerleaders and the fundamentals of training for coaches and lecturers. Cheerleading is not only dance, acrobatics, speachsong and spectacle; it truly is in particular a staff recreation requiring loads of labor. yet someone who has been touched by way of the spirit unearths it tough to provide it up. This ebook explains what it is all approximately. beginning with warm-up and stretching, then relocating onto jumps, cheers and chants and eventually dance, this ebook includes the entire info you must manage a profitable staff. it's compatible for skilled cheerleaders and coaches, not only for rookies. lecturers who want to provide this game also will locate the required information during this e-book.

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The right foot is exactly at the same height as the left knee. Make sure that the inside of the right foot touches the side of the left knee. The knee faces forward and the raised foot must be pointed. You can combine the motions together, thus giving new variations. Here are a few examples: P53A G❮❮E Cheerleading engl. 2. 2008 9:29 Uhr Seite 54 CHEERLEADING ❮❮ TechniqUE • Training • Show ❮❮ Cheerleading engl. 2. 1 TIPS FOR LEARNING CHANTS ❮❮ A chant is a combination of words and actions. It is a kind of speech-song consisting of very few words, used for encouragement.

The arms are bent at 90°. Make sure that the arms are parallel to each other; they are held in front of the body so that the upper arms also form a 90° angle with the body. ) ▼ Cheerleading engl. 2. Auflage Punch The right arm hits the Touchdown position close to the right ear and the left hand is placed on the left hip. The left hand forms a fist and the back of the hand faces forward. P47A G❮❮E Cheerleading engl. 2. 2008 9:25 Uhr Seite 48 CHEERLEADING ▼ ❮❮ TechniqUE • Training • Show ❮❮ Right K Here, the body forms a shape that looks like a K.

The right arm is in the High V position and the left arm crosses at a 45° angle in front of the upper body, so that the right hand is pointing at the floor. The left arm is also locked. ▼ The legs are in the lunge position. The right leg is bent, and the left leg is straight. , the same movement is performed but in the opposite direction. Now, the left arm hits the High V position and the right arm crosses in front of the upper body. , the left leg is now bent and the right leg is straight. 2008 9:25 Uhr Seite 49 ▼ motions Arms on Hips The hands form fists and are placed on the hips, making sure that the elbows point out to the sides.

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