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2 Coloured tracers Coloured tracers involve the coating of non-cohesive sediments with either a distinguishing coloured paint or a fluorescent substance. Indigenous sediment can be used for this purpose, but where it is not practicable to treat a large quantity of local sand, material of a similar density and size distribution can be substituted, provided that it responds to the hydraulic processes in exactly the same way as the indigenous sediment. The sampling routine depends on the environment being studied.

4. 2). Where two values are quoted in the previous relationships, the first approximates to the smaller vessels of a given type. 3 Typical container ship and bulk carrier dimensions For the purposes of preliminary planning, Figures 1 and 2 can be used to obtain typical values of container ship and bulk carrier dimensions respectively. These values are approximations and should not be used for detailed design unless confirmed by actual vessel characteristics. 1 General From the operational viewpoint ideal accessibility to a harbour implies: a) a straight, wide approach channel, the direction of which coincides with the direction of currents, winds and of the highest waves; b) a wide harbour entrance; c) a large area within the harbour for turning and manoeuvring to jetties and quays.

Guidance is also given on the effect on sea state of maritime structures, such as sea walls, 32 breakwaters and harbours, together with methods of determining acceptable sea states for moored vessels. General information on wave characteristics is given in 21, in which definitions and derivations of terms commonly used to describe wave properties can also be found. A physical model incorporating a random wave generator can be used, but care is needed. 1 Wave forms Waves have the ability to propagate energy to distant points, but the water itself does not translate with the wave to any significant extent.

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