Boadicea bundle by Traci E Hall

By Traci E Hall

Content material: Love's magic -- Beauty's therapies -- Boadicea's legacy

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She clasped her ivory hands in front of her waist. “Boadicea? I’m curious as to what you know, sir. ” She sounded wary. Then Os remembered the scared look that had crossed the villager’s face last night before he’d dashed out into the rain. The peasant had chosen to run rather than give away his lord’s secrets. Intriguing. Lord Montehue took a protective step in front of his wife. “We were told this morn that a stranger had come to the village, asking questions that should be of no concern to anybody but our family.

She still couldn’t detect his aura, and it made her distrust him. She could see her mother’s and her father’s. Even Thomas’s foul colors were clear. Mayhap it was just this man? Or mayhap Andraste’s acceptance of Ela’s sacrifice meant that she couldn’t see anyone she’d not met before. She wished her grandmother were here. “It’s a Welsh name, I imagine. Good stock. ” And it was her fault. “He was fortunate he didn’t die. He tried to follow Jonny and got lost in our woods. He ended up in a boar trap, poor man.

What if Thomas was a 41 TRACI E. HALL spy for King John and he’d been sent here to see how her father would vote now? Whisperings from France gossiped of a faction trying to get Arthur on the English throne— everybody’s loyalty would soon be circumspect. Back when John was but a prince, her father had clearly drawn his line in the sand regarding which side he’d fight on if it came to a war. And it hadn’t been John’s. 42 Chapter Four E la heard the sound of her father and Thomas returning from the hunt.

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