Beginning T'ai Chi by Tri Thong Dang

By Tri Thong Dang

Starting T'ai Chi provide you with the ability to counterpoint your existence either bodily and spiritually. you may be surprised at how this simplified approach to a martial artwork shape that's greater than 800 years previous can increase your feel of healthiness, convey you internal peace and energy, and revitalize your energies.

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After kicking, pull back the right leg, and at the same time draw both arms downward to either side of the body with the palms turning upward (Fig. 110). 2. Take a step with the right leg (to ten o'clock), and shift the weight to it, forming the Bow stance. Simultaneously clench the hands into fists. Extend them upward from either side, ending at the level of the temple with the knuckles pointing obliquely upward about six inches apart. Look straight between the two fists (Figs. 111, 112). Note: Keep the upper body straight, but not tense, and the arms relaxed.

Look at the right hand (toward nine o'clock) (Figs. 36, 37). FORM FIVE Hands Strum the Lute 1. Shift the weight to the front leg, and draw the right foot a half step forward and place it behind the left foot. Shift the weight back to the right foot to form the Sit Back position. Extend the left foot forward, ending in the Empty stance with the left toes up. Simultaneously turn the body slightly to the right, raise the left hand forward until it is level with the nose, and move the right hand horizontally to the inside of the left elbow.

Move the arms up to the level of the chest. Simultaneously, draw the right leg toward the left foot until both feet are parallel and a shoulder width apart. Look straight forward (to twelve o'clock) (Figs. 158-160). Note: During the shifting of the weight, try not to lean the body forward. FORM TWENTY-FOUR Closing Form 1. Extend both arms forward while turning the palms down. Separate the hands until they are a shoulder width apart. Lower both arms slowly to the sides of the hips. Look straight forward (to twelve o'clock) (Figs.

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