Basic Prediction Techniques in Modern Video Coding Standards by Byung-Gyu Kim, Kalyan Goswami

By Byung-Gyu Kim, Kalyan Goswami

This ebook discusses intimately the elemental algorithms of video compression which are normal in sleek video codec. The authors dissect complex standards and current fabric in a manner that will get readers speedy in control via describing video compression algorithms succinctly, with no going to the mathematical info and technical requirements. For sped up studying, hybrid codec constitution, inter- and intra- prediction options in MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, and HEVC are mentioned jointly. furthermore, the newest examine within the speedy encoder layout for the HEVC and H.264/AVC is usually included.

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14. The second symbol in this table indicates a compound symbol of probability 0:4. We are now in a position to assign codes to the symbols. step 4: Assign codes 0 and 1 to the last two symbols. step 5: Work backward along the table to assign the codes to the elements of the compound symbols. Continue till codes are assigned to all the elementary symbols. This is shown in Fig. 15 Hence, after applying the Huffman coding, the corresponding coding values of each symbol are a1 D 1, a2 D 00, a3 D 011, a4 D 0100, a5 D 01010, and a6 D 01011.

In the skip mode, all coded block flags (CBF), motion vector difference, and the coded quantized transform coefficients are equal to zero. Moreover, bidirectional prediction technique is also adopted in HEVC. Hence, two motion vectors (MVs) are calculated separately for each inter-PB using two reference pictures from list-0 and list-1. For each MV, RD cost is calculated using the original and generated predicted blocks. 1. In this table, we are only considering the inter-mode prediction and also the merge/skip prediction.

On the other hand, the k ranges from 18 to 34 referrers the sample prediction for the vertical modes. Let us consider that a sample, which we need to predict, is represented as pŒxŒy, where x and y are the indexes. 32 f/ ref Œy C i C 1 C f ? 32 f/ ref Œx C i C 1 C f ? 6) To improve the intra-prediction accuracy in the HEVC, the projected reference sample projection is computed with 1=32 sample accuracy. Bilinear interpolation technique is used here to obtain the value of the projected reference sample using two closest reference samples located at integer position [2].

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