Baptism in the Holy Spirit by James D. G. Dunn

By James D. G. Dunn

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3 3 , probably refers to other than the eleven, who were standing with Peter; the 'us' of 1 1 . i j includes 'the brethren who were in Judea' (i i. i). There is certainly no room for the Catholic view which Singles out the aposdes for special or exclusive endowments ofthe Spirit (contra Adler i 3 7 f . ) , and which makes it possible to regard the apostles as the sole 'Channel' of the Spirit to others. The one gift arid the same gift was common to all, To see this most clearly w e must retrace o u r Steps a little, and, bearing in mind that L u k e - A c t s is the w o r k o f a single author, take a comprehensive l o o k at the total schcme o f the t w o books, Luke sees history as falling into three phases - the period o f Israel, the period o f Jesus, and the period between the coming o f Jesus and his parousia,' Jesus is the one w h o effects these transitions, and in his o w n life each phase is inaugurated b y his entering » Cf.

Cf. Berkhof 1 8 . 22; 4 . ii F o r Luke this w o r k culminated in the cross where Jesus accepted and endured the messianic baptism in Spirit-and-fire on behalf of his people. T h e key passage here is L u k e 1 2 . 4 9 ^ , where occur the concepts both of fire and of baptism. Here w e have confirmation that John's predic­ tion regarding the Coming One's ministry is accepted by J e s u s : he came to cast fire on the earth. Here too he is looking for a baptism, one which is to be accompHshed on himself.

20 Baptism in the Holy Spirit Hoskyns, The Fourth Gospel ^ [ 1 9 4 7 ] 2 2 4 ; C. K. Barrett, The Gospel Accord­ ing to St John [ 1 9 3 5 ] 1 8 7 ; Brown, John i 6 o f . ; J , N. Sanders and B. A . Mastin, The Gospel According to St John [ 1 9 6 8 ] 1 3 5 ; Wink 9 4 ; cf. M . - J . Lagrange, Evangile selon Saint Jean ^ [ 1 9 3 6 ] 9 7 ; M. Black, An Aramaic Approacb to the Gospels and Acts ' [ 1 9 6 7 ] i 4 7 f . ) , and v. 3 4 most likely includes a reference to Jesus' gift of the Spirit to his disciples (p.

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