Bangladesh (Modern World Nations) by Charles F. Gritzner

By Charles F. Gritzner

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A country’s age structure is also important. It tells us something about patterns and trends. For example, 35 percent of all Bangladeshis are under 15 years of age (compared to 21 percent in the United States and 18 percent in Canada). This suggests that just over one-third of the population will soon be entering its reproductive years, marrying, and starting a family. 1 53 051-063_MWN-BANG_05 54 1/26/07 3:45 PM Page 54 Bangladesh One of the biggest ongoing problems in Bangladesh is malnutrition, especially among the country’s youth.

Chandragupta I was the first of the Guptas to be referred to as “Maharajadhiraja,” which means king of kings. D. 335–380) assumed the throne. He was perhaps the greatest of the Gupta kings, because he is credited with the unification of India. He also is considered the father of the Gupta monetary system, which consisted of gold coins named Dinera, like the Roman coins after which they were modeled. Samudragupta strongly supported cultural work in the arts, religion, language, and literature. Even though he was a Hindu who worshipped Vishnu, Samudragupta was very tolerant of other religions such as Buddhism.

This coup ushered in a 15-year period of military rule that lasted until 1990. Major General Ziaur Rahman served as the leader of Bangladesh from 1975 to 1981. His leadership started the process of restoring law and order to the chaotic country. He also tried to establish a political party and held elections, but there were frequent attempts to assassinate him. The last attempt was successful. In May 1981, Rahman was killed in Chittagong in a coup led by Major General Manzur Ahmed. After a short time during which the vice president led the country, Hussain Mohammed Ershad seized power in 1982.

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