An Introduction to World Anglicanism (Introduction to by Bruce Kaye

By Bruce Kaye

What's the nature of global Anglicanism in a postcolonial, worldwide age? This e-book offers the major to knowing either the nature of this Christian culture and the basic nature of present disputes. It describes the principles of the culture and descriptions its valuable ideals and practices, concentrating on undertaking, liturgy, engagement with others, and tool, wisdom and authority within the church. It comprises chapters on women's ordination and on homosexuality within the public lifetime of the church, and the ultimate bankruptcy seems to the demanding situations of the longer term.

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The first moderates the ambitions of the king; the second underlines the importance of his position being secure. All this flows out of the initial scriptural imagery and the tyrannical tendencies of unrestrained power and authority which the scriptural text implies. This contrast also probably reflects to some extent the proffered context for the accounts: advice to a putative future king in the first instance, and a general essay directed to the newly re-established position of the new monarch Edward IV in the second.

It is apparent that Fortescue is committed to the view that the scriptures are authoritative in the matter of how England is to be governed, but they work that authority only indirectly. They show how kings were expected to rule in Israel and the evil consequences that flow from a failure to rule according to the law. England is a Christian nation which has been the object of a particular divine providence. As a consequence God is really ruling in England, albeit representatively. The agency of that rule is the law and its administration and the king whose judgements must be set within the laws that divine providence has provided.

It is not surprising that we see on the pages of this account a view of the relations between royal power and spiritual authority, between king and bishop. The pre-eminent ideal is found in Bede’s account of the life of Oswald told in close relationship with his account of Aidan. Of course they lived at the same time; indeed Aidan came from Iona when Oswald had asked the community for someone to be bishop in his kingdom. But there is more than this involved. They make such an attractive pair – monk and king working in unison – in part because Oswald is a king who resembles a monk.

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