American Archaeology Uncovers the Vikings by Lois Miner Huey

By Lois Miner Huey

This can be China comprises, in short, every little thing we have to find out about 5,000 years of historical past, 30 years of commencing, and a destiny that delivers to form the twenty first century for we all. Drawn from the colossal assets of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, this concise 120-page publication is usually recommended for school room use, curriculum improvement, and pupil assessment.

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Quinn, David B. North America from Earliest Discovery to First Settlements: The Norse Voyages to 1612. New York: Harper & Row, 1977. Seaver, Kirsten A. D. 1000–1500. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1996. Discussions of Norse occupations based on the argument that the Norse stayed in Greenland longer than believed and continued to travel to North America for its resources. Steinberg, John M. ” Antiquity, Vol. 77, No. 295, March 2003. Article written about excavations of Snorri’s house in Iceland.

Size of L’ Anse aux Meadows is consistent with the number of people whom the sagas say came to the site—around one hundred. “It is unthinkable,” says Wallace, “that the Greenland Norse would Clearing land, digging sod, collecting bog iron, and digging the charcoal pit were the work of slaves who lived in the round hut, Building C. ” of a strong male figure, just as elsewhere 50 A museum interpreter reenacts iron smith work at the L’ Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site. in Viking society. Although evidence of male activities here was most common, women were also present.

Skin boats—Boats made by covering a wood frame with sewn animal skins. slag—The waste left behind when smelting metal. smelting—Heating ore to remove the metal. soapstone—A soft rock that can easily be carved into objects. spindle whorl—A stone or piece of pottery, pierced in the middle, that is placed on a wooden shaft (spindle) to weigh down the wool or cotton while the weaver turns the shaft to make yarn or thread. terrace—A flat area located upland from water. Glossary 55 FURTHER INFORMATION Books Schomp, Virginia.

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