Amazing Arctic & Antarctic Projects You Can Build Yourself by Carmella Van Vleet

By Carmella Van Vleet

The far off lands of the North and South Poles are tested during this revealing advisor, permitting teenagers to discover the coldest areas on the earth from the heat in their houses. From polar exploration and penguins to Inuit cultures and the tundra, uncomplicated but thorough reasons are supplied for more than a few Arctic and Antarctic themes whereas copious vocabulary notes and enjoyable factoids enhance the fabric. greater than dozen interactive tasks and experiments—ranging from making an Inuit boat, polar undergo paw prints, a version of a puppy igloo, nighttime rations, and snowshoes—provide little ones an opportunity to determine polar rules in motion, with out significant grownup involvement or fancy fabrics.

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Like polar bears, penguins have won the affection of many people. They are cute in their black and white “suits” and look playful. These short-legged, flightless birds have inspired many cartoons, books, and movies. There are 17 species of penguins, and they live in many places throughout the Southern Hemisphere. But only two species live on Antarctica. These are the Adelie and the Emperor penguins. Adelie Penguins The Adelie is the species most people think of when they think of penguins. Like all penguins they have a dark back and a white front.

If a polar bear is really hungry, he or she might eat the whole seal. Most times, though, a polar bear will just cub: baby bear. peal the seal’s skin off, eat it, and threatened species: an animal then eat the seal’s blubber before whose existence is threatened. tossing the rest of the body away. endangered: species of animals (Arctic foxes and other animals or plants that are in danger of going extinct. ) After a polar global warming: an increase in the bear is done eating, he will lick average temperature of the earth’s his fur or clean up in the water.

This will be your volcano’s crater. Volcano Supplies ❆ small plastic tub such as a margarine container, cleaned and dried 2 Cut the top one-third of your milk jug off. Keep the lid on but don’t cut off the handle. You won’t need the bottom of the milk jug so you can recycle it. ❆ scissors ❆ gallon milk jug with its lid, cleaned and dried 3 ❆ masking tape Set the plastic dish on top of the milk jug’s lid. Use a few pieces of masking tape to attach it there. This will be your volcano’s base. Set your volcano base on a large piece of waxed paper.

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