Advanced Video Coding Systems by Wen Gao, Siwei Ma

By Wen Gao, Siwei Ma

This ebook provides an outline of the cutting-edge in video coding expertise. in particular, it introduces the instruments of the AVS2 common, describing how AVS2 can assist to accomplish an important development in coding potency for destiny video networks and functions by way of incorporating smarter coding instruments corresponding to scene video coding. gains: introduces the fundamental ideas in video coding, and offers a quick background of video coding expertise and criteria; reports the coding framework, major coding instruments, and syntax constitution of AVS2; describes the major applied sciences utilized in the AVS2 regular, together with prediction coding, rework coding, entropy coding, and loop-filters; examines effective instruments for scene video coding and surveillance video, and the main points of a promising clever video coding process; discusses optimization applied sciences in video coding platforms; offers a evaluate of snapshot, video, and 3D content material caliber evaluate algorithms; surveys the new study subject matters in video compression.

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263 also adds optional advanced intra coding mode and alternative inter VLC mode to gain some adaptation. 264, a context-based adaptive variable length coding (CAVLC) (Bjontegaard 2002; Au 2002) designed for 4 × 4 DCT is adopted, which obtains higher coding efficiency further by using multiple contexts, each associated with a VLC table, to adapt to local statistical variations of DCT coefficients. Compared to the VLC code assigning at least one bit to a symbol, arithmetic coding can represent one symbol with less than one bit in average when the probability of the symbol is higher than 50 % by assigning a codeword to the input symbol sequences instead of each symbol.

Background predictive forward inter decoded picture (S-picture): a picture using forward prediction from a G picture. In the sequence, the first picture after a sequence header should be I-picture, and the first P-picture after a sequence header should use pictures after the sequence header for forward prediction. When the bitstream does not contain coded B-picture, the decoding order of pictures is the same as the display order. When B-picture is present, the decoding order is different from the display order.

To suppress those artifacts, deblocking filtering, sample adaptive offset (SAO) filtering (Chen et al. 2013) and Adaptive Loop Filter (ALF) (Zhang et al. 2014) are applied to the reconstructed pictures sequentially. Deblocking filter aims at removing the blocking artifacts caused by block transform and quantization. The basic unit for the deblocking filter is an 8 × 8 block. For each 8 × 8 block, the deblocking filter is used only if the boundary belongs to either of CU boundary, PU boundary or TU boundary.

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