Adobe Acrobat 7 Official JavaScript Reference by Adobe Systems Inc.

By Adobe Systems Inc.

Do you spend an excessive amount of time doing repetitive creation projects resembling putting and changing photographs, resizing them, dragging them from one record to a different, and getting ready pictures for printing rather than being artistic? Do you utilize Adobe Acrobat and feature a robust operating wisdom of JavaScript? Then you are in success. in view that Adobe inventive Suite 2 used to be created with integrated aid for scripting, almost each repetitive or time-consuming job that artistic pros need to do in Acrobat will be streamlined or automatic with the aid of a script. This e-book describes tips to use JavaScript to manage and expand Adobe Acrobat, and gives reference details for the JavaScript items, houses, and capabilities outlined by means of Adobe's purposes. Now to be had in print for the 1st time, this publication does not educate you ways to jot down code in JavaScript, but when you are acquainted with the scripting language, and wish to begin writing scripts for Acrobat, you will savor having the main definitive, up to date referenceavailable.   

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Quotation information: Mimesis: Desarticulations (Paris: Flammarion, 1975), pp. 166-275.

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Type: String Access: R/W Annots: all. 0 ൳ Ả This property gets the text contents and formatting of an annot. The rich text contents are represented as an array of Span Objects containing the text contents and formatting of the annot. Type: Array of Span Objects Access: R/W Annots: all except Sound, FileAttachment. Example Create a text annot, and give it some rich contents. richValue (and richChange, richChangeEx) for additional examples of using the Span Object object. 0 ൳ Ả This property defines the default style attributes for a FreeText annot.

GetAnnots. The user interface in Acrobat refers to annotations as comments. Annotation Types Annotations are of different types, as reflected in the type property. The each type is listed in the table below, along with all documented properties returned by the getProps method. getAnnot(0, "Important"); This example allows the script to now manipulate the annotation named “Important” on page 1 (0-based page numbering system) via the variable a. For example, the following code first stores the type of annotation in the variable thetype, then changes the author to "John Q.

0 ൳ Ả ặ If true, the annotation is not shown and there is no user interaction, display or printing of the annotation. Type: Boolean Access: R/W Annots: all. 0 ൳ Ả ặ If non-empty, the name value of the annot that this annot is in reply to. Type: String Access: R/W Annots: all. 0 ൳ Ả ặ Markup intent is a property by which a single markup annotation type may behave differently in a viewing application depending on the intended end-user use of the markup. For example, the Callout Tool is a FreeText annotation with intent set to FreeTextCallout.

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