A Practical Guide to the Selection of High-Temperature by A. A. Collyer

By A. A. Collyer

Is helping the person with no formal education in plastic fabrics during the maze of fabrics choice to his ultimate objective. people with a uncomplicated wisdom of this zone will enjoy the more effective features of the advisor

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58 (i) Total cost of 1000 parts This is the sum of the material, mould and fabricating costs The display gives appropriate comments and suggestions. This enables the designer to see If the material chosen will make a good moulding. Such calculations require a considerable data bank of Theological and thermal behaviour, and it is possible for the operator to add to this data bank if a specialized grade is being used. Once the optimum moulding conditions and 48 Costing ofplastics products INTRODUCTION & CAVITY SELECTION !

X5 is the time required to plasticate the next shot. 16 The production rate and the length of the run in parts per hour, n, is given by: 45 Selection of High-Temperature Engineering Thermoplastics n = 36QQ c τ where τ is in seconds This, however, does not allow for any scrap or downtime. 17 and the length of the run will equal the number of parts required, N, divided by re Tb = Nx 3 6 0 0 UDc 3. 5. Is the chosen machine large enough to cope with this value? 4. 16. 5. As a double check calculate the required s h o t s i z e from t h e m a c h i n e u s i n g E q u a t i o n 3 .

What is the tooling cost? • is the process reliable? • will additional processes be necessary? • how much scrap will be produced? • can the scrap be recycled? • has it been done before? Establishing the process helps to reduce the number of materials which need to be considered. For instance, if rotational moulding is chosen, relatively few materials are suited to this process. If injection moulding is chosen, and the product has some long narrow flow lengths in it, the higher viscosity melts will not fill the mould.

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