A Pentecostal Political Theology for American Renewal: by Steven M. Studebaker

By Steven M. Studebaker

This booklet argues that Christians have a stake within the sustainability and luck of middle cultural values of the West commonly and the United States particularly. Steven M. Studebaker considers Western and American decline from a theological and, in particular, Pentecostal viewpoint. the amount proposes and develops a Pentecostal political theology that may be used to deal with and reframe Christian political identification within the usa.
Studebaker asserts that American Christians are at the moment now not effectively engaged in combating America’s decline or halting the shifts in its middle values. the matter, he indicates, is that American Christianity not just provides little concept to the nation of the state past a handful of ethical matters like abortion, yet its renowned political theologies lead Christians to think about themselves extra as extraterrestrial beings than as electorate. This publication posits that the proposed Pentecostal political theology could aid American Christians view themselves as electorate and higher realize their stake within the renewal in their country. the root of this proposed political theology is a pneumatological narrative of renewal—a biblical narrative of the Spirit that starts with production, proceeds via Incarnation and Pentecost, and culminates within the new construction and eternal country of God. This narrative presents the basis for a political theology that speaks to the problems of Christian political identification and encourages Christian political participation.

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America provides unprecedented levels of civil, religious, and economic freedom and opportunities. Because America is exceptional, it is also indispensable. Indispensable captures the missional identity and responsibility to supervise the rest of the world. The ideology of exceptionalism provides the moral and humanitarian justification for America’s role as the indispensable nation. ”117 Although the political left prefers the language of indispensable and the right exceptional, the ideology and the responsibility it confers on America for global leadership is the same.

91 Beveridge, “Grant, the Practical,” 44. 92 Beveridge, “For the Greater Republic, not for Imperialism,” 13. 93 Theodore Roosevelt, “Expansion and Peace,” in The Writings of Theodore Roosevelt, ed.  Harbaugh (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1967), 30. 94 Croly, The Promise of American Life, 390. 95 Roosevelt, “Expansion and Peace,” 31. EXCEPTIONAL AND INDISPENSABLE NATION 35 civilization, moreover, are reciprocal. 97 Roosevelt argued that American expansion in the Philippines advanced the “cause of peace” and civilization.

McDermott, One Holy and Happy Society: The Public Theology of Jonathan Edwards (University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1992), 5–6. EXCEPTIONAL AND INDISPENSABLE NATION 21 As God had established a covenant with Israel, so also with the Puritans. They were to be the covenant people of God because they embodied the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every dimension of their personal and social lives. Chosen identity (along with exceptional identity) is conditional. Winthrop encouraged and warned the Bay colonists that their special status depended on keeping the covenant with God.

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