A l'Italienne French by Elisabeth Boyer

By Elisabeth Boyer

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Women wore woven blouses and skirts. Clothing was sometimes brightly embroidered with contrasting colors and designs. Both women and men adorned themselves with sashes, necklaces, and articles of turquoise and shell jewelry. To protect their feet, they wore moccasins and boots made of deer or antelope hide. Scenes of life in Hopi villages can be summed up by the words of Antonio de Espejo, leader of a Spanish expedition through Pueblo territory in 1582: As we crossed this province the inhabitants of each town came out to meet us, took us to their pueblos, and gave us quantities of turkeys, corn, beans, and tortillas, with other kinds of bread which they make skillfully.

Although these expeditions 51 52 THE HOPI helped protect the Hopis, they were of equal benefit to the growing number of Anglo settlers whose farms and ranches were also the targets of Indian raids. S. officials visited Hopi villages in 1851 and 1852 to meet with Hopi leaders and to observe conditions in the settlements. These visits were followed by a number of disastrous events. A new wave of smallpox epidemics struck the Hopis in 1853 and 1854, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people. During the same period, serious droughts occurred, further reducing the population through widespread famine.

Long roots also made it possible for plants to absorb whatever moisture lay deep within the soil. In the fourteenth century, the Hopis invented a new style of pottery. Although all Pueblo peoples made pottery, Hopi decorative styles changed considerably. In previous centuries, pottery was painted with black-on-white geometric designs. But Hopi women began to use black-on-orange, black-onyellow, and multicolor decorations. Their innovative designs testify to an explosion of artistic imagination and skill.

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