A Concise Introduction to Propositional Dynamic Logic by Krister Segerberg

By Krister Segerberg

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Bemnning 1959 he published several papers in which he introduced what we"'now refer to as I(ripke semantics or possible-worlds-semantics. Historians interested in the development of modal logic will have to assess the relative importance of Carnap's and Prior's work as we,ll as the work of Stig Kanger and laakko Hintikka. who published, related Ideas . independently of Kripke and in fact somewhat earlier than he; there IS also the famous Jonson & Tarski paper from 1951. Neveltheless, there is no doubt that it was Kripke 's papers that triggered the explosive growth of modal logic of the following two decades.

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Original articles FISCHER, MICHAEL J. and LADNER, RICHARD E. " Journal of computer and system sciences, vol. 18 (1979), pp. 194-21 L KaZEN, DEXTER and PARIKH. Romr. " l1teoretical computer science, vol. 14 (1981), pp. 113-118. PARIKH, ROIDT. " In Mathematical foundations of computer science 197B, pp. 403415. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, voL 64. SpringerVerlag. 1978. " In L E. Hahn and P. P (cds), The philosophy of Georg llenrik von Wright, pp. 603-63 . The Library of Living Philosophers, vol.

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